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Oct 30, 2013 6:00pm EDT
republican complaints the new health care law is forcing the cancellation of many existing insurance plans. hundreds of thousands of people who have purchased their own insurance have reportedly begun receiving notices that their plans will be canceled or changed because they no longer meet the loss coverage requirements. 26 palestiniand prisoners as part of the agreement that reopened u.s.- backed peace talks earlier this year. it is the second wave of the releases that will ultimately free 104 of the thousands of palestinians in israeli prisons. as jubilant crowds greeted the freed prisoners in the west bank and gaza, israel announced today it plans to construct 1500 new homes in an east jerusalem settlement. the u.s. brokered israeli- palestinian negotiations are continuing behind closed doors. in a statement ahead of the prisoner's, the top palestinian negotiator yasser abed rabbo said israel's current stance in the talks is its most hardline in over 20 years. he said israel is seeking to hold onto major parts of the occupied west bank, "undermining the possibility of establishing ,"so
Nov 4, 2013 6:00pm EST
. source, law-enforcement the southern poverty law center says the gunman was carrying a note making racist, homophobic, and sexist slurs about government officials and andribing the tsa conspiratorial terms. the obama administration is rejecting calls to plant -- grand, sita nsa leaker edward snowden. in a letter given to a german lawmaker last week, snowden called on the u.s. to drop charges against him, writing "speaking the truth is not a crime." on sunday, dan pfeiffer ruled out clemency and said snowden should return to face criminal charges. in some of the latest snowden's disclosures, the "new york times" reports the nsa intercepted the talking points of view into secretary -- you would secretary-general ban ki- moon ahead of a meeting with president obama in april. we will have more on the story with the reporter scott shane after the headlines. a newly disclosed document shows the british government justified detaining the partner journalist glenn greenwald by accusing him of espionage and terrorism. in august, david maranda was on his way home to brazil when he was held from his
Oct 30, 2013 8:00am PDT
diverse really have a commonality. and so this is called coulomb's law. coulomb's named after a man about 150 years ago by the name of james j... >> law. >> law. right on. okay. and newton's law of gravity is named after a dude named... gravity. gravity. okay. we got that. we got that, okay. but we have these two things here. and all the coulomb's laws said is, "hey, the force of attraction are repel, oh, one difference, electrical forces can attract or repel." oh, so you can shield out electrical forces. gravitational forces only attract. there's no way to shield them out, but you can shield electrical forces. but it just simply says, "the amount of attraction or repulsion "depends upon how much charge you're talking about and how far away the charges." if they're very, very far away, then the force will be very, very weak. if they're close, close, close, the force will be strong. just exactly what you would expect. the same thing you'd expect with planets in the universe. planets far--very, very massive, more force of gravity, close together, more force of gravity. same type thing with
Oct 31, 2013 8:00am PDT
. in fact, it behaves as an inverse square law, when you have all your charge localized at one place like this. it keeps petering out with the inverse square of distance, just like gravity does. and when i held the lamp like this, it lit. you know why? that's because this part here was in the stronger part of the force field than here. we say that there's more energy on the charges here than here, which introduces a concept, i wanna see if you can get into, the idea of energy per charge, and we call that voltage. let me define that. energy per charge. that'd be energy in joules compared to charge. and do you know what the unit of charge is? - coulomb. - coulomb. so one joule per one coulomb is said to be an electrical pressure of one volt. so that's what voltage is, energy per charge. we saw the dome was charged up to thousands of volts. so trisha touched that thing, thousands of volts. why wasn't trisha zapped? well, she zapped a little bit, but why is she still here today? enormous amount of energy per charge, okay? but not very many charges. if trisha went home tonight and took a bobby
Nov 1, 2013 4:00pm PDT
,000 airport screeners federal employees, with training and pay equal to law enforcement officers. republicans did not want any more federal employees. they wanted to remove supervision of the screeners from the airline companies but leave the hiring and training in the hands of private contractors. congressman james oberstar, ranking democrat on the transportation and infrastructure committee, had long advocated upgrading the screening process at airports. they, the traveling public, see the lack of attentiveness. they also know that these are minimum wage workers. they know that there was a huge turnover every two or three months in that screener workforce. poussaint: on october 11th, the senate passed an aviation security bill unanimously. checkpoint personnel at the 142 largest commercial airports would be federal employees, but without the right to strike. the white house was trying to tiptoe around the issue of federal workers. transportation secretary norman mineta told congress the president would accept federal workers if they could not strike and were exempt from civil service protec
Oct 31, 2013 6:00pm EDT
the rollout of the new health care law. panel,ing before a house sebelius said the government has spent $118 million on health and $16 million on tech support. she was not able to dig knowledge how many people have enrolled, but she did say that given the problems, the launch will be a small number. >> i am as frustrated as anyone with the launch of healthca let me say to these americans, you deserve better. i apologize. earning yourd to confidence back by fixing the site. we are working day and night and will continue until it is fixed. sebelius also faced questions over an internal thernment memo obtained by associated press which shows officials concerns about a high security risk on the site due to's -- insufficient testing. waslius said the website secure and expressed confidence it would be optimally functional by november 30, two months after its launch. president obama defended the health care rollout wednesday during an appearance in boston, but he was disrupted by protesters urging him to disrupt the construction of the keystone xl pipeline. >> [chanting] >> ok. we
Nov 1, 2013 6:00pm EDT
the staff of mayor bloomberg had reviewed judge scheindlin's record and found she ruled against law enforcement in 60% of her 15 written search and seizure rulings since he took the bench in 1994. scheindlin responded saying -- another response came from chris dunn of the new york city liberties union. he pointed out that one of scheindlin's opinions against law enforcement was overturned on appeal. he said -- becauseuld add on that, the reporter who wrote that is a very good friend of mine. knownty did not want it that it was the one that produced the information. in fact, city hall was very angry with "the daily news" when it mentioned in the article it was the city who it created the original information. >> because that is potentially unethical behavior, to try and intimidate a judge in the midst of an ongoing trial. it is quite remarkable. i think the other question is, what was the circuit looking at? they didn't have before them a motion from the city saying there was some bias by the court . the city did not object to the case being assigned as related, that i know. i think
Oct 29, 2013 6:00pm EDT
of the recent texas antiabortion law is unconstitutional. on monday, district judge lee yeakel struck down provisions that required owners admitting privileges for abortion doctors at nearby hospitals. the restrictions would have forced dozens of abortion clinics to close their doors. texas governor perry has vowed to appeal. the rest of the law goes into including a, ban on abortion at 20 weeks post fertilization. the bill inspired people's filibuster and a stanford texas state senator wendy davis. she is now running for governor of texas. ohio is planning on using an unprecedented drug combination for an execution after a danish company band its sedative from involvement in the death penalty. ohio officials say they will be the two drugs on a dead prisoner next month. the combination is never been tried in the u.s. ohio says it has run out of pentobarbital, made by the and nowirm lundbeck, banned from u.s. prisons they carry out capital punishment. president obama appeared at a he i headquarters monday to welcome new director james conley. obama told fbi staffers he will fight to restore
Oct 28, 2013 6:00pm EDT
link the rule of law where everyone is held in treated equally under the law regardless of position. of course we don't have that kind of system, which is why no wall street executives have been prosecuted or top-level is officials have been prosecuted or james clapper. not only has james clapper not been prosecuted, he hasn't even lost his job. he is still the director of national intelligence many months after his lie was revealed, because there is no accountability for the top-level people in washington. the final thing to say about that, there are all kinds of american journalist who love to go on television and accuse edward snowden of committing all these horrible crimes, but are so brave when it comes to claiming [indiscernible] no one is ever gone on television said, james clapper committed crimes and he ought to be prosecuted. ,he question you just asked none of the reporters were american journalist who fancy themselves as aggressive top reporters would ever dare utter the idea that james clapper ought to be arrested or prosecuted for the crimes he committed because they a
Oct 30, 2013 4:00pm PDT
in terms of newton's law of cooling that says that the movement of heat between two bodies is proportional to their temperature difference. translating this to the infinitesimal scale of temperature differences between infinitely close positions in an object gives the famous differential equation called the "heat equation." in fourier's solution of the heat equation, he found these periodic solutions of sinusoids mirroring the cycle of temperatures over the year as the accumulation of periodic effects, such as the regular orbit around the sun and the daily spinning of the earth on its axis. fourier found that no matter how complicated a wave is, it's the sum of many simple waves. this was an astounding discovery. but for many years, few people believed his theories. after all, how could a complicated wave be reduced to the sum of seemingly many incompatible shapes: square waves and v-shaped waves have corners, while sinusoids are smooth. but over time, mathematicians affirmed fourier's discovery and came to refer to the unique set of simple waves that combine to form a more complicated wav
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10